What is tie dye?

Tie dye is the application of a permanent powdered dye that is mixed with water and other additives to add colour to fabric and other mediums. At Sammi Jo we only tie dye fabric related to apparel and home accessories.

The fabric is then washed multiple times to remove any excess dye and chemicals before being delivered to you.

What is reverse tie dye?

It is the opposite of what people know to be traditional tie-dye. Rather than adding colour to a garment, we strip the colour using bleach. We tie the garment with elastics into many of the same designs/techniques that we use during traditional tie dye.

What is adding colour to reverse tie dye?

On black or dark coloured garments, we can add tie dye colour to the bleached spots to create a very cool effect. Tie dye will not otherwise show up on a dark item.

Do you use any other dye-type products?

Yes, we also sometimes use a non-toxic, water based paint, but we treat it the same way we do our dyes. The effect on the fabric is different than the dye powder, so we’ll only use this product on custom orders if it is specifically requested.

Why does my item look different from my child’s/partner’s/etc. when I asked for matching?

Whenever an order is placed that is asked to be matching, we use the exact same mix of colour on both items. The main colour differences occur because the two products are comprised of different materials. Dye will only fix to natural fibers such as cotton, so on products that are a blend of fabrics, the dye will not stick to the unnatural fabric. For example, the same mixture of dye will look different on a shirt that is 100% cotton than on a shirt that is a cotton/polyester blend.

What are techniques?

The technique used will create the design you see on an item. One of the best parts of hand-made, custom tie dye is that no two pieces will ever look exactly the same. Your item will be 100% unique.

Why are there different colour thread options for embroidery, but no option for personalization by hand?

We currently use two different type of permanent fabric markers to do the personalization by hand. On light colours we use black and on dark colours we use silver. It is our discretion which colour to use. Sometimes we go over the silver with black to ensure the letters are clear.

How can I wash my tie dye so it doesn’t bleed?

Always follow our washing instructions and never wash your tie-dyed items in hot water. Wash in cold water with similar colours. Hot water can cause the dye to “open and bleed” meaning it will potentially ruin your clothing. We treat our garments with a fixative to try and prevent any bleeding, but there is always a risk that it can still bleed, especially if washed in warm water. Keep an eye on children mouthing the fabric.  

Should I wash my tie-dyed item inside out?

If you have any embroidery or personalization on your garment, it is recommended to wash it inside out. Follow the same washing instructions as above.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes! We now ship internationally. You will be responsible for any taxes and duties from your country’s customs office.

If you don’t see your country at checkout, please send us an email.

Who delivers your items?

If you live in Toronto or some neighbourhoods in the GTA we offer in person delivery options. Otherwise, we ship with Canada Post.

Do items run small or large?

This varies on all items offered. However, any item made with cotton shrinks anywhere from 3-20%. If unsure of a size, you may want to size up. Alternatively, send us an e-mail and we can try and advise you.

Do you offer returns?

Please see our returns policy. Unfortunately, all of our items are final sale. Most of our products are custom made.

Do you offer any free pick up?

At this time, we don’t not offer any free pick up since we don’t have a store front or a safe place to do this. At our discretion, we may be willing to choose a safe and public meeting spot to hand over your parcel.